Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wanna B's Singing Group

The singing group I am in is called "The Wanna B's".

My brother-in-law started the group and asked my husband (his brother) and I to be a part of it. We played in a couple of bands together when we were young, and have continued to sing together on and off since then. It's a good way to give to the community while doing something we like to do.

The Wanna B's sing to soundtracks and donate all proceeds to local charities. We have a good group and enjoy working with each other. We started by giving weekend performances at a large venue, then added single nights at smaller places, and last week we branched out and did a three-hour dance. They enjoyed us so much that they asked us back at the end of the month.

I think we're on a roll!

My husband sang in the group before I decided to join. You see, after my cancer I felt uncomfortable around groups of people, except for our families. I avoided a couple of weddings and other gatherings because I just didn't have the energy, and I didn't feel up to all the small talk and questions.

My husband had a mini-stroke the same year I had cancer. He also is handicapped with post-polio, so just going to work took all his energy. But singing with his brother again was more important to him than the way he felt.

My brother-in-law still gets a little teary-eyed when he talks about how he thinks his group was the catalyst for our getting healthy again - and, you know, I think he's right.

God offers opportunities to help us in life, but we need to be ready to receive them - for God leaves it up to us to recognize and choose to accept these gifts in order to receive the blessings they offer.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Did I Stop Blogging?

First I started a blog, then I started a blogging course, then I started a job.
Then I stopped blogging.

Hmmm........something is wrong here.

I guess the first thing I need to do is to get organized, then prioritize, then reschedule my time, my to do list, my goals, then........wait a minute now, that's a little overwhelming!

My problem is that I have so many cool things that I've started since I had cancer (see second post), that I don't have enough time to do them all - but it's so much better than not having anything to do.

What kinds of things, you ask? Here's some:
  1. I wrote my first story - a children's story. I loved it and now I write every day. (No, I haven't sent out my work to be published, but that's the next step.) I also have a monthly writers meeting and submit my stories to the monthly newsletter.
  2. I started singing in a group called "The Wanna B's". My brother-in-law started it to raise money for local charities. There are seven to ten people, including my husband, and we sing to sound tracks. We practice once or twice a week.
  3. I started singing for nursing homes and assisted-living. I get paid for this, but it is the first thing I am cutting back on - I think! (I only have one more scheduled.)
  4. I became interested in metaphysics. I enrolled in a home study course in metaphysical science. I would like to pursue this further. I've been procrastinating on writing a paper for my master's degree.
  5. I became a Reiki II practitioner and have a weekly meeting. Reiki is an energy healing, which I experienced after my chemo and radiation. (Too bad it wasn't during my treatments!) It helped so much that I became "attuned" so I could use it on myself and my family and friends. Unless I am a massage therapist I cannot offer it to others, but I can "send" it to anyone who requests it.
  6. I began learning about the internet and ways to make money. I failed many times, but I keep on trying - some MLM's, eBay, a stagnant site, a site that never got up!
  7. I started working out at a gym.
  8. I started this blog!

So, there you have it. I'm sure I've missed something. Oh, and don't forget all the day-to-day things that need to be done - cooking, cleaning, laundry, finances, etc. etc.

I'm sure some of you balance many hats, too. That's why I'm glad I can balance myself with Reiki. What kinds of things do you do for yourself to keep you sane?