Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wanna B's Singing Group

The singing group I am in is called "The Wanna B's".

My brother-in-law started the group and asked my husband (his brother) and I to be a part of it. We played in a couple of bands together when we were young, and have continued to sing together on and off since then. It's a good way to give to the community while doing something we like to do.

The Wanna B's sing to soundtracks and donate all proceeds to local charities. We have a good group and enjoy working with each other. We started by giving weekend performances at a large venue, then added single nights at smaller places, and last week we branched out and did a three-hour dance. They enjoyed us so much that they asked us back at the end of the month.

I think we're on a roll!

My husband sang in the group before I decided to join. You see, after my cancer I felt uncomfortable around groups of people, except for our families. I avoided a couple of weddings and other gatherings because I just didn't have the energy, and I didn't feel up to all the small talk and questions.

My husband had a mini-stroke the same year I had cancer. He also is handicapped with post-polio, so just going to work took all his energy. But singing with his brother again was more important to him than the way he felt.

My brother-in-law still gets a little teary-eyed when he talks about how he thinks his group was the catalyst for our getting healthy again - and, you know, I think he's right.

God offers opportunities to help us in life, but we need to be ready to receive them - for God leaves it up to us to recognize and choose to accept these gifts in order to receive the blessings they offer.


Sling Words aka Joan Reeves said...

I'm so glad you and your husband are embracing life and all its pleasures - especially singing.

Btw, I added your blog to my list of blogs on Sling Words and also on my new blog

Keep singing.

Sling Words aka Joan Reeves said...

Hey, Christine! Where are you? Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.