Friday, October 10, 2008

Life Throws Us Curves

Our singing group, the "Wanna Be's", perform to raise money for local charities and other needs. Any money we make is donated, after some of our promotion costs. I'd like to show the character of those involved. Last night we had a practice.

The high point was that a former member stopped in to say she can sing with us again in some of our shows. She's in a band that was playing every weekend, so she had to stop for a while. One of her members had surgery, so the band does not play as often now. We've missed her and are glad to have her back, even on a limited basis. She hasn't been well, has gained weight, and has been fatigued. I could see it in her face. She finally found out it is a thyroid problem and is hoping the doctors will be able to help her now. But she still came out to be involved in our group.

The low point was that a woman who's battled cancer for about 13 years just found out her cancer is back. She's starting treatments again in two weeks. She is a cousin of one of our members, and enjoys our group so much that she comes to our practices on her motorized scooter, comes to all of our shows, helps put up posters, and even placed a local TV add for our show next Thursday. She's a true survivor.

I gave her a hug before she left. When you've experienced cancer, you understand what is involved and you automatically connect with another person who is struggling with it. My youngest sister just had a scare, and she called me often. Thank God she's ok. Another member of our group had to leave a short time ago because her cancer also came back.

What's up with this? I know so many people who have or are battling cancer.

Then we have another member who is blind. He does not let his handicap get in the way. He plays the guitar and has been in many other groups. But he was walking down the street with his dog when a woman pulled out of her driveway, obviously not looking, and banged right into him! He's in rehab now.

And I can't forget my husband. He has been handicapped all his life from polio. He has always bulled his way through things. He even was a Scout Master. Who knew that years later he would go through what they call post polio, and then suffer a mini stroke, which took away his ability to drive and to walk unsupported. He still works, using a motorized scooter to get around. He also is in our group.

Life throws us many curves. How we approach life and how we handle life's situations is what gets us through and make us survivors.


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